Update on coronavirus

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We understand the concern many of our clients will be experiencing in light of the current outbreak of the COVID-19.  Whilst we do not wish to add to these concerns, we wish to reassure all those involved with our business, that we have given a lot of thought into how we can safely conduct our surveys.

As a Company we realise that we have a responsibility with regards to the current Coronavirus crisis. To protect everyone, we will follow the latest advice from public health Wales.

To assist us in protecting everyone, we ask that you contact us to make additional arrangements for any survey if: 

  • You, or anyone that normally reside in your property has symptoms of Covid-19, such as but not limited to: high temperature, new persistent cough, loss or change to their sense of smell or taste, within 14 days prior to the scheduled visit.
  • You, or anyone that normally reside in your property, has been exposed to the virus.
  • You, or anyone that normally reside in your property, has been instructed to self-isolate.
  • You, or anyone that normally reside in your property, consider yourselves to be at high risk of infection.

In most cases we will rearrange a more suitable appointment to complete the on-site survey however we will always work with you to find the most appropriate solution in your circumstances.

Health and safety precautions that we intend to take on occupied properties: 

The Surveyor:

  • The occupier to be contacted by phone and letter where possible, to notify them of our attendance, and ensure that they are aware of these guidelines.
  • The occupier to be texted and sent a link 24 hours before the survey outlining what is expected.
  • The occupier to be contacted when on route to the property, to ensure that they have taken appropriate precautions.
  • All equipment will be sanitized before the start of each day, and during the day, including the vehicle, 
  • An alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be used before entering, during and after each survey.

The following are on the request of the occupier:

  • Gloves will be put on before entering each survey and disposed of at the end of that survey.
  • Masks are available to be worn by the surveyors.

Health and safety precautions that the property occupier must take:

The property occupier:

  • The occupier should open all windows 15 minutes before the inspection, at least three quarters of the way open.
  • All internal doors to be opened 15 minutes before the inspection, including access panels to gas and electric meters. Please also unlock the back door and leave open where possible.
  • All items that may be obstructing access to the boiler or hot water cylinder (bed sheeting in the airing cupboard for example) should be removed.
  • Access should be provided to each loft hatch including extensions where applicable (moving items from below the hatch or putting dust sheets down in case of debris from the loft for example)
  • Any pets should be removed from the property before the survey. (this may include taking a dog for a walk, or having it on a short lead at the end of the garden)

The property occupier is also required to do one of the following during the survey:

  1. where possible, the occupier should leave the premises for the duration of the inspection. (This may involve sitting in your car, or staying at the end of your garden)
  2. if the above is not possible then the occupier should open the front door to the surveyor, and return and stay in one room of the property during the inspection. 

By taking the above action you will be reducing our footprint at your property, and reducing the risk to all parties.  

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Covid 19 certificate
Covid19 Certificate